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Excellent prices on instruments

Find all the used instruments you need at Wyoming Outlet & Car Company! From guitars to amplifiers and keyboards, you can rest assured you'll always get the great items you're looking for in great condition that you deserve!

Great trade-in value for all your electronics

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Wide selection of electronics and instruments

and reasonable electronics trade-in values!

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   • Car stereos

   • Cameras

   • Appliances

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If you're looking to sell your used electronics or instruments, stop in today or call 616-241-4336 to get a quote! You can always count on Wyoming Outlet & Car Company of Wyoming, MI to give you a fair trade-in value on all your electronics!

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   • Acoustic guitars

   • Amplifiers

   • Speakers

   • Microphones

   • Drum kits

   • Keyboards

   • Flutes

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